Personal Training

Our personal training uses the same equipment and principles as the group training, except it's just for you!

Personal training is ideal for those who would like to brush up on certain elements of their lifting technique, or for those who prefer a more exclusive and personalised approach.

It is also ideal for the nervous beginner, who would like to build on their confidence and technique before integrating into the small group training.


Our On-Ramp program consists of 5 individualised sessions, where you will be coached through the basic mechanics and movements that we use in the group training.

We'll work at a pace and intensity to suit you, you'll learn how to lift weights safely and confidently, and you'll leave buzzing for the next session.

Once you have finished the 5 day introductory course, you'll feel more prepared, less intimidated, and raring to go with the group training.

Each PT session is one hour in duration. Days and times are flexible, outside of the group training times.

To get started, simply send me a message to book in for your first session below.


Or if you are a small group of 2 or 3 then please send me an email to discuss your options. 


See you in the gym,