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Super Saturday

  • 1 hour
  • 16 euros


Welcome to Super Saturday, where we do things a little bit different! In the first half of the session, you have the flexibility to catch up on any missed squats or bench press, ensuring you stay on track with your strength goals. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the theme of the day, whether it's mobility, extra muscle building work, or a skill session. The second half of the class sees the intensity build and transforms into a heart-racing, sweaty session, where everyone joins together for a different kind of workout. While you'll undoubtedly lift weights, our focus extends beyond raw strength to embrace muscular endurance and the building your engine. These highly dynamic sessions use a diverse range of equipment, from kettlebells to slam balls and invigorating bodyweight exercises. We promise you a sweaty and fun-filled session. No matter your fitness level, our guarantee is that you'll leave each session feeling accomplished and full of beans, ready to tackle the day ahead!

Upcoming Sessions

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