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Kids Gym

1st - 3rd Class



Step into a world of playful movement and exciting exploration designed just for kids from ages 7 to 9! Get ready to jump, run, and have a blast as our friendly coach leads you through a gym session filled with fun and games.

Discover the magic of moving your body and trying new things. Our gym is a fun place where you can learn amazing skills while having the time of your life. Our super cool coach is here to help you become a movement master and a champion of fun.

Jump, skip, and stretch your way to feeling strong and amazing! Our gym sessions aren't just about exercise – they're about learning how to be brave, strong, and full of energy. You'll become a superhero of your own story as you make friends with your body and find out all the amazing things it can do.


Every adventure in our gym helps you grow not only in strength but also in confidence and happiness. The more you move and play with us, the more you'll believe in yourself and your superpowers. Whether you're jumping, skipping, or trying a new move, you're becoming the best version of you.


We've put together an exciting mix of activities that help you learn to balance, move bravely, and be lightning fast. Our gym fun is tailored just for you, so you can feel awesome while staying safe and happy. Remember, having fun and trying your best is what it's all about – not how fast you go!


Join our team and let's have a blast while we play, move, and grow together. You're not just building a strong body – you're becoming a champion of laughter, courage, and big adventures. Your journey to a stronger, happier you begins right here with us!

Move 🤸🏻‍♂️ Play 🤹🏻‍♀️ Explore 🔎

If you have any follow up questions then please get in touch!

See you in the gym,



  Nov 08 - Dec 20  
   Wednesday 3.40pm   
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  • Wednesday at 3.40pm

    Started Nov 8

    84 euros

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    20 euros
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