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Women's Only
Nervous Beginners

On-Ramp Course

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  9th January  

   7.30pm Tues/Thurs for 4 weeks   

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   7.30pm Tues/Thurs for 4 weeks   

Why On Ramp

If you are a nervous female gym beginner and feel like you are not quite ready for the small group coaching sessions just yet, then this 4 week short course is just for you.

The course consists of 8 sessions, limited to 6 women only, who are all beginners just like you, where you will be coached through the basic movements and introduced to the equipment that we use in the small group coaching.


We'll work together at a pace and an intensity level that you can manage, you'll learn how to lift weights safely and confidently, and you'll leave buzzing for the next session.


It has all the benefits of personal training but at a fraction of the cost.


​Once you have finished the 4 weeks, you'll feel more prepared, no longer intimidated, and raring to go with the group coaching sessions.



1:1 Private Course

The 1:1 private option delivers the exact same course as the group, except it is not exclusively just for women, and you have the whole gym just to yourself!

The course is delivered over 6 sessions, each lasting 45 minutes, over the duration of 2-4 weeks. Once the course is complete, you can opt to continue with 1:1 or join our small group coaching sessions.


Please feel free to get in touch with me with any follow up questions or hesitations you may have on either of the above course options.

​See you in the gym,




The on-ramp experience overall was incredible. The size of the group was perfect - big enough to feel that the focus is not on you all the time, small enough to get the attention needed. I really like your no nonsense approach - modifications are offered without a fuss, you are encouraging without being over the top, and really welcoming. I particularly liked the feeling that whatever size/shape/level of fitness there was a starting place for everyone.



I had messaged Karen prior to signing up and I just really got a good vibe from her. So decided to just click the ‘book’ button. Delighted I did. Karen was so welcoming and I was shown what to do and corrected or shown again if I couldn’t do something. Highly recommend the beginner on ramp program. You should definitely run it again. I loved it and I’m delighted to now be a member.

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