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We Are Hiring

Strength and Fitness Coach
[Adults and Youths]

We are looking for a competent, fun, kind, and outgoing Strength and Fitness Coach (working with both adults and youths) to join our pro team.


This is a huge opportunity for anyone who is passionate about working with kids and teens. If you do not have a strong desire to work with kids and teens then please do not apply.


About Freedom Fitness


A strength studio like no other, Freedom Fitness runs small group coaching sessions for adults, teens, kids, and new mums. We pride ourselves on our welcoming, non-intimidating and inclusive environment we've created. Our philosophy is a simple one. Get strong to be strong, and to live a longer, fuller, and better quality life.


​We don't take ourselves too seriously in Freedom Fitness, but we take what we do extremely serious. The ability to create a positive environment for our members to both train and thrive in is non-negotiable. A genuine passion for fitness and helping people of all ages and abilities to develop their physical abilities, self-confidence, and overall health, is a must.


About Our Youth Gym


The work we do in the gym is not just for the sake of the youths physical health and strength, but it also contributes hugely towards building confidence, mental resilience, self esteem, and an overall positive body image.


We absolutely love to see how progress in the gym can help to make progress in other areas of their lives outside of the gym. Especially for our youth, when it comes to building confidence and self esteem.


We want everyone who walks through our doors to leave more confident than when they walked in. Oh and in a better mood too!


Job Brief


This is very much a hands on coaching role, where your main objective is to create a positive environment for our members. You will be working with a range of levels and abilities so technical proficiency, ability to think on your feet, and excellent communication skills are a must. You will also be involved behind the scenes, where you will assist with program design, engagement and retention of existing members, as well as lead management for new joiners.


Requirements and skills we are looking for include:


  • ​Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, Physical Education, or a related field preferred.

  • Certification in relevant fitness training or coaching.

  • Youth fitness specialization is a plus.

  • Proven experience working with adults and youths in a fitness or coaching capacity.

  • Experience in developing and implementing age-appropriate fitness programs and curricula.

  • Knowledge of child and adolescent physical, cognitive, and emotional development to tailor programs to different age groups.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with members, kids and teens, their parents, and your team mates.

  • Ability to explain and demonstrate exercises and concepts in a clear, engaging, and age-appropriate manner.

  • Patience and the ability to connect with and motivate kids and teens, understanding that they may have varying levels of enthusiasm and skill.

  • Flexibility to adjust coaching methods and routines to accommodate different skill levels and individual needs.

  • Ability to plan and organize group sessions, set goals, and track progress.

  • Commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all members.

  • Be a positive and inspiring role model for younger members.

  • Collaborative mindset to work effectively with other coaches and parents to create a supportive and inclusive gym environment.

  • High energy levels and enthusiasm for engaging and motivating young members.

  • Willingness to work some weekday early evenings (from 3.30pm), early morning (from 6am) and some Saturday mornings.


​We are a vibrant and growing facility, so this is an excellent opportunity for the right person to grow and expand right alongside us. Remuneration and bonus packages will be discussed in more detail after the initial interview stage.

​If you think you fit the bill then we would love to hear from you. Please express your interest below, along with a CV and cover letter, and we will be in touch shortly after.


For everyone else, please feel free to share this info with anyone who you think might be up for the job.​


See you in the gym, perhaps,


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