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Strength and Fitness

Build Strength, Boost Confidence, Elevate Life

  • 1 h


This where you build true strength using barbells, kettlebells and more. You start with a dynamic warmup to mobilise and lube the joints. Then you lift. You either deadlift, bench press, or squat, depending on your membership and preference. After the pure strength component, the focus switches to single leg balance and strength, upper body strength and mobility, and core strength. Of course, no session is complete without getting a sweat on, so you finish up with a higher intensity workout to crank up your heart rate and sweat rate. You will always leave feeling invigorated.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

We understand things don’t always go to plan. In saying that, out of respect to the gym and other members, and so the gym can run as smoothly as possible, we ask that you abide by our booking policy the best you can. ​- Sessions must be booked at least 12 hours in advance so your coach can plan ahead. - If there is no bookings 12 hours in advance then it will be deleted from the schedule. - If there is bookings within the 12 hour window then it will be possible to book right up to the start time. - Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours in advance to allow wait-listed members to book. - Cancelling less than 3 hours in advance results in one lost session credit. - If you need to cancel within 3 hours, out of respect to the gym, we ask that you send us a message via the booking app. - If less than 2 are booked 12 hours prior to the start, then the class is subject to cancellation. If cancelled, a cancellation email will be sent.

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